Subject Re: Usage of TIB_Date: FIX
Author Marco Menardi
Sorry, but seems that the "reply" button of the group is not working
today (or is it with Mozilla 1.5?), so I write a brand new message
with the answer. If someone has the same problem (you press "Send" and
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Here the "real message" with the answer:
--- In, "Riho-Rene Ellermaa"
<r.ellermaa@h...> wrote:
> I'm from Estonia and my application needs to work also in Latvia and
> Our date format is DD.MM.YYYY, but lithuanians use YYYY.MM.DD and
latvians YYYY/MM/DD
> Riho-Rene Ellermaa
> senior programmer

Ok, here the fix:
File: IBC_Date.IMP
change the UpdateMask procedure with the following code:
procedure TIB_CustomDate.UpdateMask( UnboundMask: string );
if UnboundMask = '' then
if copy(AnsiLowerCase(ShortDateFormat), 1, 1) = 'y' then // year
first, like in Lithuanian and Latvian countries
UnboundMask := '!9999' + DateSeparator + '99' + DateSeparator +
'99;1; '
UnboundMask := '!99' + DateSeparator + '99' + DateSeparator +
'9999;1; ';
inherited UpdateMask( UnboundMask );

That, in my tests, seems to work, and, contrary to what I supposed,
Autofil property works as well.
To Jason: since I don't have access to your code, could you please
merge this improvement in the forecoming subrelease?
In credits section there is to add:
{ Marco Menardi <mmenaz@...>
{ 16-Oct-2003
{ Added support while unbound for date format like yyyy/mm/dd
(year first) }
{ used in countries like Lithuanian and Latvian

Marco Menardi