Subject Re: [IBO] ISAPI under MS Server 2003
Author dcrkt
> 1. What's the suffix of your database file name? (This REALLY
matters on
> XP and 2003 Server)

The suffix is GDB. I changed it to FDB and got the same result.

> 2. Are you using the eval version of IBO?

Yes. The plan is to try and migrate from Delphi 3/BDE/NT4 to
D5/IBO/MS2003. Hence the test app (I really wasn't expecting all of
these problems).

> 3. Have you checked to see what's coming back to the app in your
> 'ConnectStr' item?

I don't get that far. The dll does not even load. If I take out the
IB components, it loads no problem at all.

BTW, this works fine on my XP machine. However, I use WebWeaver here
and not IIS.