Subject ISAPI under MS Server 2003
Author dcrkt
I'm having a hell of a time trying to migrate an ISAPI app from MS
2000 Advance Server to MS Server 2003. I wish they never bought this
new server. However...

I created a very simple ISAPI app. It just contains an IB_Session
and an IB_Connection, in the proper order. Didn't set any
properties, just dropped them on the TWebModule.

Added 2 action handlers. The first returns a form with a single edit
box where I will type in the database name.

Response.Content := '<html><body><p>Enter connect string:  </p>'
+ '<form method="POST"
+ '<p><input type="text" name="ConnectStr"
+ '<input type="submit" value="Submit"
+ '</form></body></html>';

The second action takes what I type in and tries to connect to the

ConnectStr := Request.ContentFields.Values['ConnectStr'];
IB_Connection.DatabaseName := ConnectStr;
IB_Connection.Connected := true;
Response.Content := 'Ok';
on Exception do
Response.Content := 'NOT Ok';

I try to surf to my first action and nothing happens. The request
eventually times out. This is crazy - it just returns the form. Its
obviously having trouble loading the dll.

I remove the components, recompile and try again. This time I get
the form.

My conclusion has to be that there is some sort of initialization
code in IB_Components that is preventing the dll from even loading.

Does anyone know what IBObjects might be doing?