Subject IB_Grid and variable row heights
Author Bob Zirbel
Hi all.

I am trying to design a D7/Firebird note entry screen that displays
all previous notes (blob text) in a grid and allows users to enter
new notes directly into the grid (similar to the notes tab in ACT!).
The grid rows need to vary their heights to accomodate and display
multi-line notes.
I started out using an IB_Grid with an embedded memo edit and code to
adjust the row heights but it only works correctly if you are
actually in the memo field. Outside of this field, the note text is
displayed as '(fieldname)'. I tried setting the DrawCellTextOptions
to ShowBlobText as suggested by Geoff Worboys but it doesn't seem to
have any affect.

My question is: Am I wasting my time trying to use an IB_Grid for
this purpose or is there a grid component available that will do the

Any help would be appreciated.