Subject Re: [IBO] paiting grid
Author Jason Wharton
I still have a good number of bug fixes to get out before I do a full

I've got a lot going on with the new community site, my customer database
management, etc. so I'm not sure exactly when the next release will come
out. If anyone has a bug they are waiting for a fix on, feel free to send me
a private email spurring me on. Chances are I already have it fixed and can
provide you with a code change or two.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: Re: [IBO] paiting grid

> Thanks Jason, dat really improve the performance.
> you see, in my code below I have the if not (gdfixed in astate)
> then ... I was force to do that to prevent my column title from
> being affected. But I saw no such code in your contact sample found
> in the IBO.
> I read some of your post, saying youll be releasing the next version
> of IBO, do you have any idea when? and will it be a major release or
> just fixes to some bugs?
> Thanks a lot