Subject [IBO] Re: DMLCache and DMLCacheReceivedItem not fired
Author Marco Menardi <>
The problem is that qryCustomers_U_TableA OnDMLCacheReceivedItem event
is NEVER fired, seems that this query is ignored by the notifier.
Maybe I've to investigate sources more deeply, just wondering someone
had this same (common?) situation and found how to make it work.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer" <ts@i...> wrote:
> Marco,
> > Well, re-looking at my code, no, I was not committing (autocommit
> > transaction)... but I have to investigate further, since in other
> > situations DMLCache seems to work pretty well.
> > Anyway, looking at the source I've seen that adding a
> > OnDMLCacheAnnounce prevents IBO to perform standard DML change
> > notification, while I thought that in the event handler you could ADD
> > something to the notification. Removing the Announce event handler has
> > made qryTableA change being notified to qryLk1. What I can't make work
> > is having qryCustomers_U_TableA notified too. This is a many to many
> > relation table, so it's keylink is qryTableA keylink plus qryCustomer
> > keylink. So seems that IBO does notify that query in this situation...
> > is it right? What can I do to avoid this?
> The Survey sample might be useful. FRM_Questions.pas has an example
> how the OnDMLCacheReceivedItem event can be customized, dependent
> on the TIB_DMLCacheItem.KeyFieldNames property.
> Thomas.