Subject DMLCache and DMLCacheReceivedItem not fired
Author Marco Menardi <>
Hi, I've two datamodule, one with the connection and a transaction
that is set as the default transaction of the connection, and another
datamodule with a query against a table that I will use for editing
(qryTableA), and a query that I use as a lookup (qryLk1), but uses
another transaction local to this second datamodule. In addition, I've
a query that is used in a form that has it's own transaction that is
assigned to this query (qryCustomers_U_TableA).
Well, I've all these 3 queries with all DMLCache set to true (for
announce and receive), but when I edit a record in qryTableA the
Announce event is generated, while the code I've put in the receive
event of the other 3 queries is NOT.
Is there some other property to set? I've also assigned explicit
keylinks, but nothing happens :(
Does DMLCaching work only for datasets under the same transaction? Do
dataset need to belong to the same datamodule? Any idea?
thanks a lot
IBO 4.2Ib
Marco Menardi