Subject Re: [IBO] DMLCache and DMLCacheReceivedItem not fired
Author Markus Ostenried
At 09:34 Friday, 31.01.2003 -0200, Luiz wrote:
>DMLCache cache works only when there are users logged with differents
>usernames in others connections to DB.
>You need, at least, another connection with an username other than the first
>connection generating the event.
>So, these connections will be able to receive the event

All my clients are logged in with the same user. So I've taken the
code from the TIB_SyncCursor and removed the check for
the username. With this modification the Datasets are refreshed
even if they originated the DMLCache event themselves but I can
live with that.
With the new Firebird versions I guess one could use the
CONNECTION_ID (?) or TRANSACTION_ID (don't remember the
correct spelling) global variables inside the triggers that fill the
IBO$DMLCACHE table and also compare these values on the
client when filtering the relevant DMLCache events - instead of
using the username to determine what client has caused the
DMLCache event.

Just a thought,