Subject Re: [IBO] DMLCache and DMLCacheReceivedItem not fired
Author Luiz

DMLCache cache works only when there are users logged with differents
usernames in others connections to DB.

You need, at least, another connection with an username other than the first
connection generating the event.

So, these connections will be able to receive the event

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Subject: [IBO] DMLCache and DMLCacheReceivedItem not fired

> Hi, I've two datamodule, one with the connection and a transaction
> that is set as the default transaction of the connection, and another
> datamodule with a query against a table that I will use for editing
> (qryTableA), and a query that I use as a lookup (qryLk1), but uses
> another transaction local to this second datamodule. In addition, I've
> a query that is used in a form that has it's own transaction that is
> assigned to this query (qryCustomers_U_TableA).
> Well, I've all these 3 queries with all DMLCache set to true (for
> announce and receive), but when I edit a record in qryTableA the
> Announce event is generated, while the code I've put in the receive
> event of the other 3 queries is NOT.
> Is there some other property to set? I've also assigned explicit
> keylinks, but nothing happens :(
> Does DMLCaching work only for datasets under the same transaction? Do
> dataset need to belong to the same datamodule? Any idea?
> thanks a lot
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