Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Query->Insert throws on non-NULL fields
Author Norman Dunbar

I've always found that Delphi/C++ Builder throws that exception (xxx is a
required field) if a field is defined on the database as not null.

For those fields where I don't want my user (ie me) entering something on a
form, I shove a value into the fields in the BeforePost handler for the
query - checking to make sure that the dataset is in the correct mode
(dssInsert) if appropriate.

For those fields that I do want my user to fill in, I set the
ColumnAttributes property to make them required fields. (This also applies
if I have fields that can be null in the database but I don't want nulls
going over - I know, a design error, but it happens !)

Alternatively, I can set CheckRequired to false and not bother about what
hits the database because the database will throw an exception if I pass
nulls over to not null fields and I don't have a trigger to sort out a

Not sure if that was helpful or not :o)


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Subject: [IBO] TIB_Query->Insert throws on non-NULL fields

This used to work and I'm fairly sure I haven't changed any of the
TIB_Query properties.

Using the default TIB_Query properties, I call:


IBO throws an exception warning me that:

"myfieldname is a required field"

Tracing into Insert() it goes into SysInsert, SysPost and finally
CheckRequiredFields where the exception is thrown.

I know I can set CheckRequired=false, but I want this to check the
params when I've finished editing the row.

None of my other queries throw on non-null fields when I insert a row.

Any ideas?



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