Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Query->Insert throws on non-NULL fields
Author Lucas Franzen
"tickerboo2002 " schrieb:
> This used to work and I'm fairly sure I haven't changed any of the
> TIB_Query properties.
> Using the default TIB_Query properties, I call:
> qry->Insert();
> IBO throws an exception warning me that:
> "myfieldname is a required field"

It looks as if your Query is already in Insert/edit mode before calling
another insert (which will lead to an automatic POSTING of the old
Insert/Edit, thus raising the exception).

If you find out which field it is you cabn do several things, as
declaring your own insert statement and omitting this field (i.e. if you
have defaulted it on server side) or filling in a dummy value or
whatever in the after insert method or if you let it be handled by the
database (be it a trigger or a default) just setting required property
of this field to false.