Subject Re: [IBO] How to reduce net traffic on prepare?
Author Dany Marmur
"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> skrev i meddelandet
> At 12:25 PM 21/01/2003 +0100, you wrote:
> >Hi Helen!
> >
> >I have often asked myself... Since there's a Defaults.IBO i the Metadata
> >cache. Howcome GetServerDefaults makes everything so much slower (I refer
> >"really"). If the defaults are cached, should not ColumnAttributes and
> >GetServerDefaults be the same once the metadata has been cached?
> I'll start by saying I DON'T KNOW. I seemed to recall some changes being
> made to GetServerDefaults and, browsing the release notes, found this at
> "I revamped the GetServerDefaults functionality so that the values are
> cached in the schema cache and not required to be fetched from the server
> over and over again for each insert. I also changed the format of the
> schema cache so that the values could be associated with proper
> table.field=value notation instead of the way it was before. If you are
> making use of the SchemaCache.Defaults for the list of columns which are
> defaulted on the server you will need to change your code. I expect that
> nobody is making use of this. I have not yet been able to test all working
> combinations, but since they weren't working yet 100% anyway I'm releasing
> this now so the other items in this sub-release are not held up."
> There is nothing after that to indicate any further change. Not sure what
> to suggest on the strength of this - is it relevant to your problem?

I will be. I think it's a neat function, this GetServerDefaults - at least
during DB development.
And one does not have to distribute a new exe just to change a default
value. If it's cached
then why not use it? I want to remember that neither FB or IB allows
anything than "static"
values for defaults (as opposed to calculated fields that can use
expressions) - if that's the
case then cacheing defaults should be waterproof. I'll eventually reach the
point when I'll have
to dig into this. Thanks a lot for your input!


> Helen
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