Subject Re[2]: [IBO] How to reduce net traffic on prepare?
Author Daniel Rail

> I already turned on
> schema cache, but it doesn't help much.

Can you elaborate more? I'm very interested in your findings in
regards to using schema cache.

> If there are no such switches
> to turn down traffic on IBO, my only option is create a separate web
> interface for remote users, which is not too attractive. Argh...:-(

You might want to consider a n-tier application server. If your
application is using IBO native components, then you'd have to
practically recreate your forms, but you don't have to deal with a web
interface. We are currently using kbmMW(
in a project for remote connections. We chose kbmMW because it has the
ability to support ad-hoc queries that were sent from the thin-client
application, has compression and encryption, and had a good price.
There are other n-tier components out there as well, look at every
feature and compare them to your own requirements.

Also, we are experimenting with Windows Terminal Server for another
application that we already have created and have on the market,
mainly because of the size of the application. Until now, we only
encountered a few problems in regards to the registry. The level of
access to the registry depends on the user. Also, if you write to
files locally, make sure that those files are in the user's directory,
since every change in the file is reflected for every user accessing
the application via terminal services. Other those few things to
watch for, everything works fine. Just make sure you have a good
server and a good amount of RAM.

Have a nice day.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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