Subject Re: [IBO] How to reduce net traffic on prepare?
Author Michael Fung <>
--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...> wrote:
> Can you elaborate more? I'm very interested in your findings in
> regards to using schema cache.

It seems turning on schema cache only speed up the initial connection
or openning. I asked because I could not understand why preparing a
simple query takes up 40K traffic and supposed there must be some way
to turn it down.

>practically recreate your forms, but you don't have to deal with a
>interface. We are currently using kbmMW
>in a project for remote connections. We chose kbmMW because it has

Thanks for your suggestion but I have no budget to buy tools. My
client is not willing to pay any additional charge. And we can only
afford to develop for Firebird on Linux as both are free. The economy
here in Hong Kong is a mess, no one is willing to spend...