Subject Re: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen
Author Jason Wharton
Yes, IBO will catch the case where moving from one master record to another
with the same linking values and suppress fetching in the same batch of
detail records.

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen

> > Sounds like I ought to do likewise.
> > I'll mark this as an item to take care of.
> I'll repeat my previous question - reworded.
> In IBO - does the detail need to close and reopen if the
> relevent detail information is already cached?
> I work the way Helen has suggested, so would not use those
> triggers anyway, but a couple of my detail tables could well
> be showing the same record before and after the master
> scroll. In that case ( with IBO's automatic stuff ) isn't
> IBO clever enough to know not to re-fetch the data, in which
> case there would not be an open and close on that detail?
> Just trying to expand my understanding <g>
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