Subject Re: [IBO] "Cannot open file" error
Author Lester Caine
> This isn't it. There are only two connections to the database: the server
> itself, and the client computer. Both are using the exact same connection
> path, except for the server name at the beginning. e.g.:
> The server uses:
> C:\Program Files\TRS6\data\data600.fdb

I always use TCP/IP on the server as well. So have the
server name in this!

>>Another (related) possibility, peculiar to XP and ME, is that your
>>deployment hasn't taken care of the System Restore problem; so that, when
>>the first user tries to connect, the System Restore "feature" has the DB
>>file locked. Again, you can get enlightenment on this problem and possible
>>solutions by studying the release notes.
> This shouldn't be it either. The database file has the extension .FDB,
> which as I understand it, is not bothered by System Restore.

isc4.gdb is more likely to be the problem rather than the
database itself.

> The server is running Windows 2000 Server.
> The client is running XP.
> Network protocol is TCP/IP

I've gone back from XP because of other problems with having
to re-write all the user documentation. I do have problems
with my daughter's laptop which I can't change from XP
because Sony refuse to supply the drivers for 98SE. I have
had to 'loosen' the security on the 2k machine to allow her
to access HER files from the XP machine. I've not gone any
further because I can't be bothered to waste time on it, but
the old setting worked fine from the 98SE machines.

No answers, but perhaps a couple more pointers. My FB1 setup
is working fine from the XP laptop. Don't use TIBODatabase,
have you tried TIBConnection instead?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services