Subject Re: [IBO] "Cannot open file" error
Author Joe Martinez
>I really can't understand how what type of user is logged on to the client
>could affect whether or not the server can open the database file. The
>client doesn't touch the database file. That's the server service's
>job. This makes me wonder if it's not the database file at all, but some
>LOCAL file on the client that it's complaining about.

One other piece of information. Logged on as the "limited user", I am able
to connect to the database just fine using IB_SQL (connection tab) across
the network. But, if I use the EXACT same connection string with my app, I
get the error. So, it doesn't look like it's an issue with Firebird, but
something in IBO.

I know that IB_SQL is built on IBO, so maybe it' something peculiar with