Subject Re: [IBO] restoring a lost connection?
Author Jason Wharton
You are not doing anything wrong. This capability is near the top of my list
for features to complete. Most of the work for this is in place. I just need
to focus on it and get it done.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] restoring a lost connection?

> Hi!
> I was testing IBO to see if I can reconnect to a database when I lost
> connection.
> I read a FAQ in IBO web page about this but I can't do it work. When I
> detect the lost of the connection I try to close the database but it
> raise
> an error:
> "This is a potential problem: 335544741"
> and there is no way to reconect.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> best regards
> Christian