Subject Re: TIBOQuery & kbmMemTable: access violation
Author scebbrell20 <>
I have been using kbmwabd components with TIBOQuery + D7 + WinXP.
kbmwabd incorporates the kbmMemTable, here's what I have found:
kbmwabd works OK with D7 and WinXP but TIBOQuery display the
following problem,
user 1 fetches all records, user 2 fetches all records so far so good.
user 1 now fetches a subset of the recordset, user 2 moves through
their records,
user 1 goes to first or last record and suddenly his sql filter has
gone and he has the full recordset displayed.
In this particular case it's as if the threads are getting crossed.
The problem can be reproduced every time following the steps above.
Incidentally, the same problem exists using D6 and W2K so you can
rule out D7 or WinXP.

This problem does not show itself when using ZEOS data components.

Stephen Ebbrell.

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> > my point is that I have tons of reasons for not to switching to
> >
> > If you cannot help me with the given conditions (IBO3 and D3), you
> > don't need to answer my posts
> Please also keep in mind that IBO 3 is now out of date for 2 years.
Most of
> us are already taking for granted all the improvements and will
most likely
> not be inclined to help since we are not in that context and are
not sure
> what all can be said.
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