Subject Re: [IBO] Bitmap Image not Valid
Author Jack Cane

Thanks, but now I am getting a different error: "Invalid key links entry:
TABLENAME.FIELDNAME", but the tablename.keyfield names given in the message
are in fact the correct names.

I noticed in my own project that the key link is usually supplied by the
component without my having to enter it. That is not happening with your
app, probably because I am modifying rather than adding the components. I
hesitate to delete and re-add components, but don't see a good alternative.
Of course, I still have your original zip file.

May have more news later.


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>Subject: RE: [IBO] Bitmap Image not Valid
> Helen,
> I repeated your sequence, changed the table data to a third .bmp that I
> have, and tried again. The error persists, and occurs twice: first, when
> set to true at design time, and again when I try to run
> app. At the latter occasion, the entire app shuts down (I have a number
> other forms in the app).
> Could you send me a clip from your .dfm that contains the property
> of the tIboQuery?
> I loaded the data table using IB Workbench. Are there any pitfalls
> that I need to watch? Is there some independent means of looking at the
> in the table? Perhaps using IBWB?
> [Jack Cane] I mean, other than the data tab of the table view, which
>simply displays "<BLOB>". Also, a "select *" query returns with no problem.

You'll need to find a tool that is capable of displaying bitmaps...I don't
know of one...but a bitmap-viewer is ultra-simple to write yourself, anyway.