Subject Re: TIBOQuery & kbmMemTable: access violation
Author duilio_fos <>
> My point is that I started using kbmMemTab for much the same
> reason, but now I use IBO4 directly and don't have any 'time
> problems'.

my point is that I have tons of reasons for not to switching to IBO4.

If you cannot help me with the given conditions (IBO3 and D3), you
don't need to answer my posts

> I'm not using the kbmMemTab directly from TIBOQuery

usually programmers talk "code".

It seems you like to talk "words".

> You should be able to trap the error by single stepping into
> the souce code of kbmMemTab and IBO3

been there, done that.

Please stop trying to help me with vague statements.

First you said you could use IBO3 and kbmMemTab w/o problems, but you
cannot provide any code.

Now you think to remember that there were errors that could be found
with a trace (not true).

Thank you for trying, but I don't need this kind of help.

Duilio Foschi