Subject Re: Replication, TIB_RPL_Sync and TIB_Query
Author lbjerregard <>
Hi Helen

Thank you for your answer, but it didnt do the trick

When using the following sentence in either IBConsoles SQL or as
SQL.text in my program I recieve 7508 hits:
'Select iName from Inventory'

But with this: 'select rpl$ind_nme from rpl$_ind' i get 3
hits when running the SQL from IBConsoles SQL. ( which is correct for
the time being)

When running in my program the error is:
Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -204
Table unknown
At line 4, column 6.

the table 'Inventory' is a part of my targetdatabase so there
is nothing wrong with the connection or similar.;-)

I can not see why the program doesnt return the same as if
the query had been running from IBConsoles SQL. It doesnt matter
if the SQL.text is in upper or lowercase.

What do i have to do to call these 'inside' tables...??