Subject Replication, TIB_RPL_Sync and TIB_Query
Author lbjerregard <>
Using Delphi 7 and IBO 4.2.Ib to build a replication app.

I would like to iterate through all the names in RPL$IND_NME.
Then I can prepare, resync, execute and so on on a single
instance of TIB_RPL_Sync.

I am using a homemade function to create the list of names, but I
can't get any result from the query.

If I use 'Select Name from Table where TableID>100' i get a lot
of names, but im really interestered in this:

'Select RPL$IND_NME from RPL_$IND'
- Quite simple, but TIB_Query does not return anything else than
And the errors is all about my misspelling/-using the 'RPL$IND_NME'
and 'RPL_$IND'

So how do i get right...