Subject Re: [IBO] multiple db connections in 1 query?
Author Lester Caine
> No, IBO does not have this capability.

Just to expand on that. BDE used to access the data
directly, and so could 'see' all of the tables, but would
download a lot of stuff that was not needed in the final
result, and so could be slow - and did not handle multiple
users well at times.

Client/Server - such as Firebird - does most of the
intermediate work on the server, so we are reliant on what
can be done by the engine. At present, you can only connect
to a single database in the engine, and IBO simply accesses
that. It's a bit of a problem at times, as people are used
to the older ways, but what IBO does nicely is allow you to
have multiple connections, and show results that can look
like multiple databases - just not in the same grid.

I often use pairs of databases, one with the system stuff,
and one with the local stuff, and changing the system
entries updates the related local displays without needing a
query that spans both databases. Restricting, but it just
depends what you are trying to do. Some of my applications
came from the dBase base, and had multiple tables, these are
now just packaged in a single database.

So what are you trying to do?

>>Is it possible with IBO to select from multiple databases in the same
>>I used to do this in the BDE, but not sure if IBO supports it, and
>>how to go
>>about it. (I will be very surprised if IBO doesn't, as I'm always
>>by it, just my knowledge of it is still very lacking)

Lester Caine
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