Subject Re: [IBO] multiple database connections in same query?
Author Daniel Rail

> Hi there

> A very Happy New Year to everyone!

> Is it possible with IBO to select from multiple databases in the same query?
> I used to do this in the BDE, but not sure if IBO supports it, and how to go
> about it. (I will be very surprised if IBO doesn't, as I'm always impressed
> by it, just my knowledge of it is still very lacking)

> I will appreciate any help, tips or advice.

No IBO doesn't support. And, even Interbase and Firebird doesn't
support querying between multiple databases. If you were able to
perform that kind of query with Interbase or Firebird while using the
BDE, then it was the BDE that was doing the job. IBO is an interface
to Interbase and Firebird, not a database engine like the BDE.

Hope this partly answers your question.

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