Subject Using/Updating SchemaCacheDir
Author Rhett Rodewald
Hi All,

I'm new to IBO and Firebird. I am converting a ton of Delphi 5 / Local BDE code to IBO / Firebird. I need to use the SchemaCacheDir due to the large number of tables used by this application suite. (It takes about 3 minutes to update the cache.) I just have a few questions:

1) Can I use a shared net directory for the cache? (i.e. so that only the first workstation after a DDL update needs to update the cache, and the rest can use the cache from the shared drive.)

2) How do I update the IBO$SCHEMA_VERSION table? Do I just increment the version number of the appropriate item (i.e. TableNames, TableFields, IndexDefs, etc.) whenever I create/update a new table? Or does IBO take care of this done automatically? Will IBO automatically detect the differences between the cache and the IBO$SCHEMA_VERSION table? The help file is a bit vague on the particulars.

Thanks in advance,