Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo - Join Tables - too ambitious??
Author Jonathan M. Freedman
I have asked this question before (or something that sounds the same)...Ms.
Borrie stated that the correct approach was as she suggested in her last
comment, do not use a lookup combo, just a regular combo and use that value
to pass the data to the insert for your table update. I brought up the same
issue in the ib-support group and they stated that this operation can only
be done on the user end, not the backend. So the user has to use the
dropdown list of ids to pick one in order to insert a record into another
table...the foreign key link is established after the data is inserted, when
the user attempts to look up the associated table data. It is not necessary
to establish it for the purposes of actually inserting data, only that the
correct (i.e., id of the member from the drop-down list in a regular combo)
be inserted into the record...i hope this helps, even more, i hope this
works, because it is the strategy i will be trying in a couple of weeks once
i've gotten the back end (server side) designed to the point i want to trot
it out into the cbuilder ide.