Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo
Author Raymond Kennington
(This is out-of-sequence, but the first time I sent this it didn't appear.)


> >Maybe I should explain again. All I want to use this TIB_LookupCombo for, is
> >to do an incremental search for this person in the person table, and if
> >found, insert the associated PERSONID of the Person Table into the PersonId
> >Field of the inserted record in the CoveredMem table. If not found(via the
> >NotInList event), then insert a new record into the Person table and add
> >this PersonId to CoveredMem.PersonId. I have the Person tables fields
> >editable because of the InsertSQL. This is all to be done via a TIB_Grid.

Most of my clients have requested the ability to add to a table when not in a lookup list,
but I tell them firmly that this complicates the user-interface to the tables. Even
displaying the Person form for add/edit/delete of Persons is something I refuse to do.
Allowing it ends up requiring multiple transactions open at the same time, and the main
form might even have all of its changes cancelled by the user.

It also allows the user to not plan ahead. I control my users. They have a document that
proscribes sequences of processes they have to do, each of which is strongly isolated from
the other.

In the end, they are thankful for the control. There is no confusion about what they are
expected to do when and on which form.

In 1995 a client strongly told me that doing what you request would confuse users and
unnecessarily complicate forms, and that each form should do one thing. She even went as
far as to demand separate forms for add, edit, delete and browse/print.

Raymond Kennington