Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DateTimePick showing date - table not
Author Steve Fields
I have noticed that any fields I have assigned a value
to, by entering manually or programmatically DO show
up in the test:
if MyTable.FieldByName('THEDATE').AsString = '' THEN ....
does not show, but

MyTable.FieldByName('THENUMBER').AsInteger := 6;

MyTable.FieldByName('THESTRING').AsInteger := 'Happy';

does show up later. This is all before a post and a

Steve Fields wrote:
> Hi All,
> In an app I am writing I have run across a problem,
> that is unsual to me, where a TIB_DateTimePick is
> showing a date, on an inserted record, but when I
> _leave_ then field and test for a blank date it shows
> that it is blank. ? I am using a display format of
> mm/dd/yyyy and the field is not required.
> (IBO 4.2j, D5 E, XP Pro)
> What now?
> Steve Fields
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