Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DateTimePick showing date - table not
Author Steve Fields
Any ideas, anyone, why the field on the form shows a date
yet unless I change the actual component's data it does
not reflect in the dataset? (This is on insert and after
some of the other fields have been populated with data)

Steve Fields

Steve Fields wrote:
> I have noticed that any fields I have assigned a value
> to, by entering manually or programmatically DO show
> up in the test:
> if MyTable.FieldByName('THEDATE').AsString = '' THEN ....
> does not show, but
> MyTable.FieldByName('THENUMBER').AsInteger := 6;
> or
> MyTable.FieldByName('THESTRING').AsInteger := 'Happy';
> does show up later. This is all before a post and a
> committran....