Subject Re: Win 98, always hang my computer
Author apatri2000
> Please read my Memproof posts. I think we should all try to work
> together (can't we all just get along?) to work this out. My app is
> dying on Win98 as well... I have reduced all auto-created forms
> to just 1 big one and I still get the resources problems. Since I
> have commited to using IBO in my app, I have a real interest in
> seeing the problem solved. Jason is great at responding to problems
> so I know that he will spend the time necessary to fix the bug if
> help him track it down.
> Eric.

Hi Eric.

I am at Your and Jason disponibility,
I know other people that already sent to Jason some apps showing this
issue, ma without good news.
Seems that Jason don't have Win 98.
Keep up togheter.