Subject Re: Win 98, always hang my computer
Author Eric Handbury
--- In IBObjects@y..., "apatri2000" <apatri@i...> wrote:
> Hi List.
> I have just download the last evaluation version Hj.
> Have installed it under Win 98 and as usual system crashes.
> Cause the lacking of system resources.
> I think the cause is the TIB_Grid.
> I have also noted that need more stokes ot scroll time to crash.
> So I am wonder:
> Ibo don't want support Windows 98 anymore??
> I hope not, but are 4 months Ibo don't work under 98.
> The last working version is Ha.
> Thanks
> Tony

Please read my Memproof posts. I think we should all try to work
together (can't we all just get along?) to work this out. My app is
dying on Win98 as well... I have reduced all auto-created forms down
to just 1 big one and I still get the resources problems. Since I
have commited to using IBO in my app, I have a real interest in
seeing the problem solved. Jason is great at responding to problems
so I know that he will spend the time necessary to fix the bug if we
help him track it down.