Subject Memproof errors
Author Eric Handbury

(BCB6-SP2, IBO4_Hg, FB-1.0-796, TEnh 2.1?)

I ran my app thru Memproof today since I am getting Win98 'Out of
System Resources' errors.
I get 88 DeleteObjects errors after IBO login and opening my main
form. The 88 errors are really duplicates of the same 4 of so errors
listed below:

1) Attempt to free unexisting resource
Telesis_ChecklistEnh.pas 555

2) DeleteObject: Unknown Win32 Error
IB_UpdateBar.pas TIB_UpdateBar::SysStateChanged 584
IB_UpdateBar.pas TIB_UpdateBar::Loaded 614

3) DeleteObject: Unknown Win32 Error
IBA_Statement.pas TIB_Statement::SysPrepare 1443

4) DeleteObject: Unknown Win32 Error
IB_Components.pas TIB_BDataset::SysAfterExecuteForOutput
IB_Statement.pas TIB_Statement::SysExecute 1925

I have only started to do my research, and am just wondering if all
these errors have been previously looked at by Jason and/or others.

Thanks. Eric.