Subject Re: [IBO] Memproof errors
Author Daniel Rail
At 13/09/2002 03:50 AM, you wrote:
> (BCB6-SP2, IBO4_Hg, FB-1.0-796, TEnh 2.1?)
> I ran my app thru Memproof today since I am getting Win98 'Out of
>System Resources' errors.
> I have only started to do my research, and am just wondering if all
>these errors have been previously looked at by Jason and/or others.

If you read in the release notes under version 4.2Hf, you'll notice that
Jason states that he tried to fix a resource problem for TIB_Grid for under
Win98. But, that he couldn't test it personally, since he doesn't have
Win98. So, if you have Win98, Jason would probably be glad to coordinate
some test with you in order to debug your findings.

Have a nice day.

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