Subject [Fatal Error] ... I need a little help.
Author codeman_mn
I am new to the group and fairly new to Delphi and IBO.

Here is the issue at hand...
New (used) computer w/XP-Pro
Loaded Delphi 5 and IBO35

I have five different programs all writen in Delphi 5 with some IBO35
mixed in a couple of them. Everything seems to work properly with
the programs that are Delphi only. I have one project (of course
it's getting closer and closer to crunch time) that give me this
error now:

[Fatal Error] OrderEntry.dpr(21):
Unit IB_Components was compiled with a different version of

So I figure that I have srewed something up during the install of
IBO...delete files and follow instructions this time...same problem.

Next...I saved old computer incase of problems with XP and
Delphi/ smart programmer...Now old system
(Win98/Delphi5/IBO35) has same error message...(computer seems to be
than me I guess)

I have searched the old listing and I have not found anything

Any thoughts/ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Mark in MN