Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo
Author Dion Oliphant

I have the following tables

PersonId ID Firstname Surname

MemberId Firstname Surname

MemberId PersonId OptionId FundId

I use qryCoveredFamMem to add Covered members to the CoveredMem table.
qryCoveredFamMem is a join of CoveredMem and Person - Fields are a combo of
both tables.

I need to display a drop down of the person table with the ID field as the
lookup field, but the field to be inserted into the CoveredMem table must be
PersonId, not the ID field. In other words, I want to do an incremental
search on the Lookup dataset on the ID field, but store the PersonId field.

Currently I have the KeyLinks in the qryPersonLK(the lookup query) set to
Person.PersonId=CoveredMem.PersonId and the Display field of the
TIB_LookupCombo = ID.

Are my intentions possible?


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Is it possible to do a lookup on for eg a surname and have the id of the
found record placed in the id field of the target table, instead of the
lookup field(surname). KeyLinks would normally be:-
lookuptable.lookupfield=targettable.targetfield. So, I would like to have
PersonLookup.ID=CoveredMember.ID for the KeyLinks, but have the
PersonId field placed in the CoveredMember.PersonId field instead of the
CoveredMember.ID field.


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