Subject [IBO] CombineDuplicateParams
Author Pirtea Calin Iancu
Some time ago I discovered a problem in IBA_UpdateSQL.IMP
regarding the way parameters are handled.

If you have a TIB_QUERY with custom insertsql like this:
insert into table(

and make use of CombineDuplicateParams then the parameters
sent to ib are wrong. First :field1 will be corect, the
second will have some zeroed data and the last will be null.

I've tried then to isolate the problem without success, but
i found a workaround changing FCombineDuplicateParams to false
in TIB_UpdateSQL.PrepareCustomDML.

The problem is still there very easy to reproduce.
My test field is of type date.

Some times when updating to new subversions I forget about it
and when I deploy the application to my customer it will cease
to work(the customer cannot insert new data).

Jason, if posible please change FCombineDuplicateParams in
TIB_UpdateSQL.PrepareCustomDML to false until this issue can be

Best regards,
Application Developer
Pirtea Calin Iancu
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.