Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery and TIB_Query are completely different?
Author mmenaz
I think you'd better produce a little app with a simple database, zip all the needed files and send it to Jason by direct e-mail (jwharton@...), so he can spend no time in "reassembling" the app and reproducing the problem, and will imediatly try to fix it.
Jason is very open to suggestion/requestes/patches/bug reports, but we must consider that he has limited time, and we should put him in the best possible condition to use the time in the most productive way, so we will benefit much more ;)
This is just a friendly suggestion based upon my previous experiences and what I read in this list...
Anyway, I noticed some problem with .Value in the past, but thought was "by design" since with .Value variants are involved, and "implicit conversion" is not what I like most (I use only native components, never tried the IBO "TDataset" ones). So I would like to know too if it's a bug and will be fixed (for future coding...)
best regards
Marco Menardi