Subject RE: [IBO] Extrending the code (Delphi/Builder)
Author Norman Dunbar

In D6 Personal, you get everything except :

Database components.
Web stuff.

So when you install IBO, open the project group and remove any which are
called *X* and *W* and then it all just works.

I'm using it for a tutorial application I'm writing as a 'get into IBO very
quickly' and I've got so far with it and no problems whatsoever. I'm also
doing the tutorial in C++ Builder - which is what I normally work with.

As for chenging from C++ to Delphi, I went the other way - I started life on
Delphi 1 and then 'upgrade/downgraded' to C++ BUilder 4 at work. I still try
to keep my Delphi skills going, but I'm not all that good any more :o(


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