Subject Re: [IBO] Connecting problems on Linux
Author rsaegerde
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Scott Stillwell" <sstillwell@k...> wrote:
> From the workstation where you're having the problem, what happens
> you "ping dbserver"? Then try "ping w.x.y.z", where w.x.y.z is
> dbserver's IP address. If the first one doesn't work, but the
> does, you've got a name resolution problem. If you can't resolve the
> name properly, you're gonna have problems with Interbase. If all
> fails you can put an entry in your HOSTS file on the client
> w.x.y.z dbserver
> Where w.x.y.z is the IP address of your Linux box.
> Also be sure that, from the Linux box that you're having problems
> you can "ping clientname" and "ping a.b.c.d" where a.b.c.d is the
> address of the client computer. Same holds true here as above.
I can ping name and ping ip-address in both directions. As I said, I
can connect with WISQL, IBExpert, and with all my apps, that don't
use DML caching. I think DML caching needs a second connection, and
this _second_ connection fails.

> A better solution is a properly configured local DNS server, with
> forwarders set up to your ISP's DNS and zone transfers disabled if
> network is connected to the internet. Be sure to use a TLD (top-
> domain) that is invalid on the 'net for your internal machines,
> they REALLY have real DNS names and official IP addresses. I tend
> use the MS Win2K default of .local (as in,
dbserver.mydomain.local), but
> whatever works for you.
> DHCP is a good idea, too.
> Good network infrastructure solves a multitude of problems.
It's all right. In my case, it is not a production environment, it is
my small test network (hostname resolution with hosts file). One
desktop and one notebook, both with Win98 SE and Linux Suse 7.3 dual
boot, connected over a hub.

If I boot Win98 on both computers and use one as server and the other
as client, all works OK.

If I boot the desktop with Linux as server and the notebook with
Win98 as client, it wotks OK, too.

But notebook with Linux as server and desktop with Win98 as client
have the problem described above. The databases are always the same,
gbak under Win98, then restored under Linux.

The BIG problem is: can I recomend my clients to move servers from
W2K to Linux? Is this my "local" problem only, or is it a possible
Firebird bug? (I hope it is my "local" problem <g>)