Subject How do I (find or locate) a record in an IBOQuery
Author bmckenna6
w/ IBO4.2 and D3.02:

My Db skills have not been highly developed
yet, so please bear with me here if this
is, indeed, some simpleton question.

I have an IBOTable and an IBOQuery.

An IBOQuery result set is initially returned
from the IBOTable's table.

I browse, in different grids, back and forth
from that same IBOQuery/result set to the IBOTable.

It is no problem to go from the IBOQuery to the
exact record in the IBOTable, using 'Locate.'

But I also need to go from the IBOTable back to
the same record in the IBOQuery (or since the
record I'm on in the IBOTable is likely not returned
in the IBOQuery - to the Nearest...).

What is the simplest approach to employ for
this task, please?

I've tried using SetKey and GoToNearest,
but I get the error 'Field is not indexed
and cannot be modified.'

Could this work if I had generated an index
for the IBOQuery/result set, or what...

If so, how do I generate an index for the
IBOQuery/result set?