Subject Re: [IBO] Column Headings and Hints
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:03 PM 21-08-02 +1000, you wrote:
>I cannot work out which component is used to set the column headings in the
>TIB_Grid component.

"Use the data, Luke, Use the data!"

See the FieldsDisplayLabel property - local to dataset or global to the

>I've looked at the grid component as well as the query component but cannot
>determine which/where to set it.

In IBO, data drives controls, not vice versa. If you don't set
FieldsDisplayLabel props for a column, it will use the SQL column name.

You can set this prop at global level on the connection component (e.g.
IBODatabase or IB_Connection: it's a stringlist, one line per column, format

tablename.columnname="MY CAPTION"

>Also, I'm trying to set the hints for the navigation/transaction bars. I
>found a heap of hint type entries in the query component editor but they did

I don't have time to research that one today as, amongst a raft of other
urgent stuff on my plate, I'm trying to get the online FAQ to run on a
different server. That's chicken-and-egg, since I'm fairly sure there is
an answer to this question in the FAQ....but the FAQ is down until I solve
the server problem.