Subject Re: [IBO] Newbie BDE to IBO help
Author Jason Wharton
You are heading in the right direction just fine already. You don't really
need to replace TIBOTable components with TIBOQuery components. They are
quite similar on the inside anyway and TIBOTable just makes some thing

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Subject: [IBO] Newbie BDE to IBO help

> Hello.
> I have an app that uses Pdox w/BDE that I need to convert to
> Interbase to solve some issues I am having with PAradox table
> corruption. I normally just re-write the apps using IBX, but in
> this case,I am attempting to convert it using IBO TDataset
> components. I have succesfully convered my paradox tables to IB and
> run GReplace and repace the various components. I now need to take
> next step and make sure all properties are set correctly.
> Before I go further along the conversion process I wanted to be able
> to use the TDAtaset components on their own to access the Database.
> I am basically taking a TIBODATABASE, TIBOTABLE and TDAtasource.
> I have edited TIBODATABASE and pointed it to the TEST.gdb
> database . I connect DAtasource to IBOTABLE whish is connected the
> database. I select the table TO staff. I set KeylinksAutoDefine
> property to False and Keylinks poperty to STAFF.IDNO. Editing the
> table works just fine.
> Using TIBOQuery, is where I am a bit confused. If I do as I did
> above and do a select * from staff, set keylinks to STAFF.IDNO and
> set RequestLive to True I can edit the result set just fine. I
> notice the properties for Update/Insert/Delete SQL. How do these
> work with /TIBOQuery? Should I just forget about them or now? I am
> thinking that I could replace several TIBOTables with TIBOQuery's,
> but want to make sure I know what I am doing.
> I have purchased the Getting Started Guide and will dive into it
> next, but was hoping for a nudge in the right direction.
> - Lou
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