Subject Newbie BDE to IBO help
Author lfeliz

I have an app that uses Pdox w/BDE that I need to convert to
Interbase to solve some issues I am having with PAradox table
corruption. I normally just re-write the apps using IBX, but in
this case,I am attempting to convert it using IBO TDataset
components. I have succesfully convered my paradox tables to IB and
run GReplace and repace the various components. I now need to take
next step and make sure all properties are set correctly.

Before I go further along the conversion process I wanted to be able
to use the TDAtaset components on their own to access the Database.
I am basically taking a TIBODATABASE, TIBOTABLE and TDAtasource.

I have edited TIBODATABASE and pointed it to the TEST.gdb
database . I connect DAtasource to IBOTABLE whish is connected the
database. I select the table TO staff. I set KeylinksAutoDefine
property to False and Keylinks poperty to STAFF.IDNO. Editing the
table works just fine.

Using TIBOQuery, is where I am a bit confused. If I do as I did
above and do a select * from staff, set keylinks to STAFF.IDNO and
set RequestLive to True I can edit the result set just fine. I
notice the properties for Update/Insert/Delete SQL. How do these
work with /TIBOQuery? Should I just forget about them or now? I am
thinking that I could replace several TIBOTables with TIBOQuery's,
but want to make sure I know what I am doing.

I have purchased the Getting Started Guide and will dive into it
next, but was hoping for a nudge in the right direction.

- Lou