Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Edit.OnChange events active in all forms all the time ?
Author emgfyah2002
--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> This is true (and not just for IB_Edits, but all controls) and it
> be the cause of many problems. I had to do some strange contortions
> in some of my enh components to get around this issue. (If you ever
> try the Enh stuff you will find that all controls based on EditEnh
> have DisableChangeEvent/EnableChangeEvent procedures for exactly
> reason).
Dear Geoff
Thank you. Just after sending my msg I found that all components
are active. The easiest solution that I found to avoid the problem
was to create the forms that use the Onchange event just before
showing ( in modal mode ) then, and to release it just after its use.
To change the module order was not a solution in my case, since the
form that uses the event is one of more frequently used. But this is
really a pain in the neck! Another similar thing is
the "afteraction" event of the ib-navigaton bar. It is trigered when
the forms that contains it is activated ( or created ? ).
Another time, thank you very much.
Edison Garcia