Subject IB_Edit.OnChange events active in all forms all the time ?
Author emgfyah2002
1 - a IB_Query in a datamodule;
2 - a Form "A" with a IB_Edit using the field "Name" of IB_Query.
3 - In the Form "A" exists an IB_Edit.Onchange event that execute a
procedure ( "NewName" ) if the field name changes. In this procedure
it asks for input data and operates it. It Works fine
In a second Form "B":
1 - a Grid using the same IB_Query used by form "A"; It is just to
show all the data.
When I roll the Grid in the Form "B" (that is the only opened form),
the event onChange of Form "A" is trigered and since the form is
inactive, it gives an error in the procedure "NewName".
I made some tests and it apears that the events "onchange" of all the
IB_Edits used in any forms are active all the time, since the
corresponding datasets are actives.
If I am not making some mistake, this could be a good reason to avoid
using datamodules and IBObjects, since it could create problems like
the one above. Another question that this fact arises to me is, if
it's correct that all the IB_Edits of an aplication, are all the time
actives ( if the corresponding datasets are actives ) this could be
very time and resources consuming. Am I correct ? ( I sincerelly
expect that I am making some mistake ! ). Thank you