Subject tib_ComboBox
Author Jack Cane
My tib_CtrlGrid, linked to TableA, has a nav bar and update bar, a read-only
control for the key field, and tib_ComboBoxes for the other two fields. The
idea is to offer two capabilities within the grid: select an existing record
from the table, and insert a new record.

I would like to populate the items of the tib_ComboBox controls with
permissible values that come from querying TableB and TableC.

The result would be that items[ 0 ] is from the basic data and items[
1 ]...items[ n ] come from the queries.

The problem is that, after populating the items of the tib_ComboBoxes, the
basic data from TableA are no longer visible in the controls.

Perhaps this is just asking too much of the system, and perhaps I should add
those as separate, ordinary tComboBoxes.

Any comments appreciated.