Subject Problem with stored procedures: ISC ERROR MESSAGE:message length error (encounte
Author ajwreyford
Dear Jason.

Please if you could help. My messages just don't want to appear on
the newsgroup.

The problem I tried to post is as follows.

Error message now while stored procedure is executed.

function TPraxData.GetNewID(const aTable: String): Integer;
{ call the stored procedure to get a new ID }
PROCGETNEWID.ParamByName('TABLENAME').AsString := AnsiUpperCase
Result := PROCGETNEWID.ParamByName('NEW_ID').AsInteger;

when this call is executed :: PROCGETNEWID.ExecProc;
I get the following error:
ISC ERROR CODE:335544358

message length error (encountered 0, expected 8)

I don't know what to do. I update IBOobjects from 4.2F? to 4.2Hg,
then added the Hh,Hi patches and recompiled the components, without
any problems. I then rebuilt my project, tested it here and there,
then deployed it in my practice this morning, and then chaos!!!.
We couldn't issue invoices, or add new records. We keep on getting
this error. I hope to be able to sort this out bewfore tomorrow, as I
have a full day consulting tomorrow in my practice.

Well that will be a lesson to me to first test then deploy... I know!

Thanks all help appreciated

Adrian Wreyford