Subject Re: [IBO] Briefcase model trouble
Author Eduardo Jedliczka
Hi, I have a semelhant trouble, I have a database in one enterprise, but the
boss acess and change this data┬┤s in your home, first of all I think to
create a different generators for this diferent places, home & office (
office starts in 1 and home start in 1 millhon), second I beliave a flag in
data ( type changed: boolean ) is a good way to resolve sync problems. Maybe
other have best soluctions.

Eduardo Jedliczka
GeraSoft Informática
Apucarana - PR - Brazil

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Subject: [IBO] Briefcase model trouble

> Hello,
> I'm writing a rather complex project management system (with
> Firebird/IBO) for a customer. This customer want's to "outsource"
> some of the planning, that is, give the software and a copy of their
> database to another company and then, when the company has finished
> their work, syncronize the changed database with their own "main"-
> database.
> The problem is the primary keys. Each table has a primary key of
> integer-type and get's its value from a table-specific generator. A
> lot of the tables also contain lookup-key values that reference other
> tables.
> I don't know how to implement the syncronization system, without
> risking key violations. What happens if the third-party company adds
> records to a table while the "main"-customer makes changes to the
> same table? Then there are two records with different data, but with
> the same primary key.
> Another problem, which is in my opinion more complicated, is if the
> third-party company creates a new record in one of the lookup tables,
> which is referenced by another record. If the "main"-customer also
> creates a new record in the same lookup table, there is not only a
> primary key violation, but also a "lookup-key-violation", if you see
> what I mean.
> Frankly I don't know how to solve this problem, and I hope I've
> managed to explain the problem clearly enough. Any help is very much
> appreciated.
> Should I create some kind of table locking which prevents the main
> customer from editing those parts of the database that are
> currently "out-sourced"?
> I have a changelog system which logs all inserts, updates and deletes
> in all the tables. Could I perhaps use this system and just overwrite
> any existing records added after the export date?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Petter-
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