Subject [IBO] ColumnAttributes and numeric conversion
Author Enrico Raviglione
i use FireBird, IBO v.4 with C++Builder 5.

In FireBird i have defined a column (RENDITA_LIRE) as NUMERIC(15,0), then i
need to convert this column as TIBOBCDField and not as TLargeint (the
default of C++Builder).

I have tried to set ColumnAttributes of Connection components (and also of
TIBOTable components) with:

but don't work.

Then i have create a Domain (D_RENDITALIRE) as NUMERIC(15,0) and i have
changed the columns definition and also the ColumnAttributes but when i add
the column with the TIBOTable fields editor i continue to see a TLargeint
fields type.

What's wrong?

Enrico Raviglione.